“Breaking the Secrecy” is a show about Domestic Violence and all the various topics related to this subject. We want to bring this subject out of the shadows and provide a forum where we can talk about this subject and more importantly, what WE all can do to help bring education and healing.

We will be bringing you firsthand accounts of what it’s like to survive Domestic Violence from survivors. We will talk to law enforcement, legal professionals and community advocates about how this subject impacts our communities.

We will also be providing much needed news, educational information and community resources related to Domestic Violence on our website, http://www.BreakingTheSecrecy.com, more to follow as we continue to develop our website.

We look forward to “Breaking the Secrecy” with you all!

So, we would like to leave you with these words of strength and courage.

When silence is so very inviting, we step forward with you to give a voice to your stories and help you share them so that others know they aren’t alone.  We’re here to provide you with HOPE and HEALING PATHS to SUCCESS and a blessed future.





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